Month: August 2012

The Whole Truth: Charity Auction Details

First of all, a huge note of gratitude to everyone who placed bids on any items in our charity auction! We so appreciate your interest and support, especially because 100% of the proceeds from every single winning bid go directly to the National Brain Tumor Society.

To say that the auction has FAR exceeded our expectations is an understatement. We conservatively aimed and hoped to raise $15,000 for the NBTS, total (proceeds from auction, webcast and fundraising event combined).

We feel that because you all have been so generous toward our efforts, you deserve the whole truth about how this works behind the scenes. We had a VERY small budget for all 3 tiers of our Cancer Gets LOST efforts (auction, webcast & fundraising event), most of which was saved for shipping auction items and to pay the performance fees to the site hosting our auction. Because of the amazingly high volume of bids and the auction totals, we are now in the red and all of our earmarked funds are completely dedicated to paying the performance fees to the auction site. We are NOT complaining – we are thrilled to be able to raise so much money for the NBTS, because it honors the memory of Jo’s dear friend Jackie.

Long story short: we are paying for the shipping of all 280 items out of our own pockets (except for the larger, heavier items such as the furniture) – which we are happy to do, so that 100% of your donations via the auction go directly to the NBTS! We decided to let you know so that you understand why it will take 6-8 weeks for us to package and ship out so many items to winning bidders all over the world. In addition to the fact that the NBTS has to process each of your winning bids individually as tax-deductable donations, we both have full-time jobs. Thus, packing and shipping items will take place during lunch breaks, after work and on weekends. We really appreciate your patience in advance!

This is NOT us asking for sympathy or for you to offer to pay for shipping. This is us being as transparent as possible, so that you understand why your items will take time to prepare and arrive.

For specific shipping and payment questions, please read the CGL Auction FAQ!

Namaste, and thank you so much for your tremendous generosity –

Jared & Jo

NBTS Donations via Cancer Gets LOST

As most of you are aware, we selected the National Brain Tumor Society to receive 100% of the proceeds from the Cancer Gets LOST auction, webcast and fundraising event in honor of Jo’s good friend Jackie, who passed away on August 3 after fighting bravely against brain tumors and cancer for four years.

We know that many of you never watched LOST and are not bidding on items in our charity auction, but you have expressed in interest in contributing to the cause. For those of you who would like to make a donation directly to the National Brain Tumor Society from now through August 29, 2012, we kindly ask that you do so via the following link, so that your contributions count toward our overall fundraising total!

We appreciate your support on all levels – and to encourage you to consider making a financial donation during our live webcast this Saturday (8/25), we are going to sweeten the pot…

If you 1) make a donation directly to the NBTS via the link above on during our live webcast Saturday, August 25 between 12pm PT – 4pm PT and 2) email your receipts to receipts[at]cancergetslost[dot]org, you will receive one of the following in return [while supplies last]:

  • $25 donation to NBTS: limited edition Cancer Gets LOST wristband (first 100 people)

  • $50 donation to NBTS: limited edition “Jacob Loves You” 14×20 mini-poster, created by Cancer Get LOST co-founder Jared W. (first 50 people; a limited number of these will also be available at the Fundraising Event on Saturday night for a cash donation of $30)

  • $100 donation to NBTS: LOST S6 DVD, donated & signed by Damon Lindelof (first 30 people)

* If you make a contribution of $100 or more, you may choose 1 of the above items. If you don’t want any of the items, you don’t have to email us your receipt (but thank you, nonetheless!).

This offer only applies on Saturday, August 25 from noon – 4pm PT and ONLY if you email your receipts to receipts[at]cancergetslost[dot]org. We will organize emailed receipts by time received, and notify you if you will be receiving one of the above items (please give us a few days to sort through, organize and notify). Of course we will be grateful for donations made directly to the NBTS in any amount on any day through August 29 as well!


Jared & Jo

Orientation: CGL Charity Webcast & Fundraising Event This Saturday (8/25)!


Noon-4pm PST: live streaming charity webcast w/LOST alum
7pm-11pm PST: fundraising event at Monk Space in LA


Tune in this Saturday from noon-4pm PST as we host a live webcast with LOST alum (both cast and creative team)! Although the webcast will be streaming live online for everyone around the world to watch, the event itself is closed to the public.

During the webcast, we will be reminiscing and catching up with LOST actors and editors/producers/writers, as well as debuting a series of original videos. We will also be promoting items in our charity auction, as well as reminding viewers that they can make donations directly to the National Brain Tumor Society through specific links (which will be released tomorrow) that will count toward our overall fundraising efforts! As you know, 100% of the proceeds raised during the auction, webcast and fundraising event will benefit the NBTS. Stay tuned for details about the limited edition items we will be giving out in exchange for charitable contributions to the NBTS!

* You don’t need to be a LOST fan to enjoy the broadcast; the guests will be talking about their new films and television shows, and it is very likely that a variety of pop culture topics will be discussed!

Bookmark the official Cancer Gets LOST live webcast stream in advance! {In the rare event of Livestream network outage, here is our backup webcast URL!}

CONFIRMED Guests for the Cancer Gets LOST live charity webcast:

  • L. Scott Caldwell, LOST: Actress (Rose), Seasons 1-6
  • Andrea Gabriel, LOST: Actress (Nadia), Seasons 1-6
  • Jorge Garcia, LOST: Actor (Hurley), Seasons 1-6
  • Mark Goldman, LOST: Editor, Seasons 1-6
  • Javier Grillo-Marxuach, LOST: Supervising Producer & Writer, Seasons 1-2
  • Neil Hopkins, LOST: Actor (Liam Pace), Seasons 1-6
  • Jeff “Doc” Jensen, Entertainment Weekly: Senior Writer & Totally ‘LOST’ Analyst
  • Daniel Roebuck, LOST: Actor (Dr. Arzt), Seasons 1-6
  • Elizabeth Sarnoff, LOST: Executive Producer & Writer, Seasons 1-6

More special guests are pending (due to their filming schedules), and once they are confirmed – we will update the list here!


On Saturday at Monk Space in Los Angeles from 7pm-11pm PST, we are hosting an official Cancer Gets LOST fundraising event for the NBTS! We will be featuring LOST trivia, giveaways and more, and items from our charity auction will be on display.

You don’t have to actually be a LOST fan to attend; the event is open to everyone, and will be a fantastic social gathering of fellow pop culture nerds – all for a great cause!


No advance tickets are necessary, and admission at the door will be $20 ($10 for guests under 21). 100% of all money collected will be donated to the National Brain Tumor Society! We will have separate wristbands for guests over and under 21, so please bring your ID. You may want to bring extra cash, as we have many LOST and other TV related goodies to give away via $2 raffle tickets (proceeds benefit the NBTS), there will be 2 limited edition posters for sale (also to benefit the NBTS), and there will be a food truck outside of the venue (Philly Please)!


Due to space limitations and fire codes that we must observe at the venue, only 200 guests will be allowed inside at any time. Please keep this in mind when planning your travel and evening! There is ample street parking along Western Avenue, and you will see a Cancer Gets LOST banner hanging on the outside of Monk Space. Please read street signs carefully, as the venue itself is on a primarily residential street.

Monk Space: 4414 West 2nd Street, Los Angeles CA 90004


** Because our #1 goal is to raise money for the cause through the charity auction, we kindly ask that you please do NOT bring items to the event to get signed by special guests – as doing so would essentially be countering our fundraising efforts via the auction. Thank you in advance for your consideration!


Please RSVP to the event on our Facebook event page, or email party[at]cancergetslost[dot]org.


Special guests will be invited, but we cannot guarantee appearances ahead of time. However, they will be announced here as they are confirmed. We are thrilled to announce that actress Andrea Gabriel will be joining us! As you know, she played Nadia on LOST for 6 seasons. She also just filmed an arc on Gossip Girl and will be appearing in Twilight: Breaking Dawn – Part 2.


Jared & Jo

Beware: CGL Impostors

The sad reality of running a charity is that there are bound to be impostors that falsely claim to be associated with fundraising efforts, for their personal gain. We have our very first fraud alert.

Cancer Gets LOST was created by and is being produced by only 2 people: Jared Wong and Jo Garfein. There are NO volunteers out there soliciting cash on our behalf for the National Brain Tumor Society, nor will there ever be. Unfortunately, the NBTS received a call about someone claiming to be working with us, asking for money on the street. THIS is an impostor. Please let us know if you see this person, and where.

Our organization is raising money for the NBTS in 3 specific ways: via the online auction (each winning bid will be processed individually by the NBTS as a tax-deductible donation), online donations to be made directly to the NBTS during our live streaming charity webcast on 8/25, and cash donations at the door for admission to our fundraising party on 8/25.

Thank you!

– Jared and Jo

So It Begins: The Charity Auction is Now Open for Bids!

Auction Now Open!

The Cancer Gets LOST charity auction is now open for bidding! We have added quite a number of fantastic new items over the last two weeks, so please be sure to check them out!

Note that you must first be registered before you can bid (registration is free). We have also crafted an FAQ for the auction, which should hopefully answer most of your questions!

The auction will close on August 29th, 2012, when the first item closes at 3:16pm ET. Please remember that absolutely 100% of all proceeds will go directly to the National Brain Tumor Society, so please bid with open hearts!

Namaste… and good luck!

-Jared & Jo

Follow the Leader: In Memory of Jackie

As many of you know, we selected National Brain Tumor Society to be the charity to receive 100% of the proceeds from the official Cancer Gets LOST auction, webcast and party. We chose the NBTS because of my very good friend Jackie, who passed away on August 3, 2012 after bravely battling brain tumors and cancer for four years.

We are more motivated than ever to honor Jackie’s memory by raising money for her charity of choice, and the generosity of everyone who has donated items is inspiring and overwhelming. This morning alone, en route to Jackie’s memorial service, I received an email that made me cry for two reasons: the sender of said email, and the potential value of the item being donated – because every cent of the winning bid (and every winning bid) goes directly to the NBTS. [Our charity auction, featuring rare and autographed TV/film memorabilia, opens tomorrow for bidding, and runs through August 29.]


For those of you who are interested in making contributions to the NBTS rather than (or in addition to) bidding on items in the auction, we kindly request that you do so on Saturday, August 25 during our live charity webcast. From noon-4pm PST, we will be interviewing LOST alum (producers/writers and actors), and the live stream will be open and online for all of you to watch!  If you make a donation directly to the NBTS during that time, note that it is for Cancer Gets LOST or Jackie O, and email your receipt to us – we will send you a little something in return. We appreciate your consideration in advance, as your contributions will go toward our overall fundraising total!

OPTIONS for donations:

National Brain Tumor Society

Jackie’s NBTS Memorial Campaign

Email receipts to: receipts[at]cancergetslost[dot]org

* Side note: I had the honor of speaking at Jackie’s service, and below is an excerpt that I felt was appropriate to share – to give further insight into the wonderful human being that inspired the creation of Cancer Gets LOST.

The great Jonathan Bon Jovi once said, “I just want to live while I’m alive.” No one exemplified that statement more than Jackie. After being diagnosed, she continued to work, without question or complaint. She also kayaked the rapids, traveled the world and partied like it was 1999. Forget Bon Jovi…JACKIE was a rock star.

When Jackie was in the office, great laughter flooded the hallways. She was magnetic; we were all drawn to this tall beauty with the magnificent eyes and smile. Jackie was effervescent, a major source of positive energy and surge of enthusiasm that affected and motivated us all. From girls’ weekends to company offsites, Jackie was the life of the party. She was the first on the dance floor, and if there wasn’t one – she’d create it.

One thing is clear: Jackie Oswold was LOVED, and knew how to love. Her joy, doled out to anyone within range, was in unlimited supply. I just wanted a bottle of her essence, of what she had to offer, both personally and professionally.

Jackie was an amazing woman; she wore her heart and determination proudly on her sleeve. She never curled up and quit. She fought with every ounce of her spirit and soul. Jackie was a warrior…a very sweet, very kind and very funny warrior who now sports a set of Cardinal and Gold USC-branded wings.

She has affected my life in a profound way, and made more of an impact in 33 years than most will in a lifetime. The brightest eyes in the sky belong to Jackie. They will continue to illuminate awareness and effect change from above. And we will all fondly remember and honor Jackie with love and humor. Just as she wanted.


The Items Behind The Curtain: Auction Preview Now Open!

It is with great pleasure that we are able to finally unveil the items that we have been acquiring over the past 2 years for the official Cancer Gets LOST Charity Auction!

From autographed television memorabilia (LOST, Once Upon a Time, Person of Interest, Fringe, and more!) to limited edition/rare prints and awesome artwork to signed scripts and actual furniture from the LOST survivors’ beach camp – there is something for everyone! All items are affordably priced; opening bids start as low as $4! With the exception of the heavy furniture and larger art, the cost of shipping is factored in/included in the bidding price of each item. And we will ship anywhere around the world!

The auction will be in “Preview” mode until 8/15, when it officially opens for bidding at 1:08pm ET. The auction will close on 8/29 beginning at 3:16pm ET. Absolutely 100% of every Penny will go directly to the National Brain Tumor Society, so please bid with your hearts, and help us kill the ultimate Monster that is cancer.

So without further ado, we present the auction preview! Please remember to pre-register on the site so that you will be able to bid on items once the auction opens officially on 8/15.

Thank you, and namaste!

– Jared & Jo