Cancer Gets Lost: 2021 Online Charity Auction Plans

Hello, friends. It has been quite a year, and we are sending out virtual hugs to all of you! We hope that you’re able to stay safe and warm during this very challenging time.

2020: Through the Looking Glass

Thanks to your generosity earlier this year, we were able to successfully raise an impressive amount of money for 2 cancer charities and food banks around the world. Thank you again for your very kind support of myriad essential causes, especially during the pandemic!

2020 LOST Online Charity Auction (February)

$22,000 donated to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society [every cent raised]

2020 Online Charity Auction to benefit ALSF (May)

$4,260 donated to Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation’s Emergency COVID-19 Fund for childhood cancer families [every cent raised]

2020 LOST 10 Year Finale Anniversary Fundraiser (May)

$1,365 donated by fans directly to ALSF’s Emergency COVID-19 Fund

$947 donated by fans directly to various food banks all over the world

$815 donated by fans directly to The Actor’s Fund

$582 donated by fans directly to the LA Food Bank

To those still awaiting a LOST keychain from our May fundraiser, we appreciate your ongoing patience. It costs us $20-$35 to send just one keychain abroad, and that expense is out of pocket. So we are putting a hold on shipping those out for now, and are grateful for your understanding. 

2021: The Shape of Things to Come

We’ve been closely monitoring global events and shipping logistics, and are confident that it will be easier/safer to ship out charity auction packages again in 2021. As you know, the world seems to shift daily, so we remain optimistic but also flexible with regard to auction dates, etc.

As of right now, we are aiming to host our first online charity auction of 2021 in early Spring. No dates set yet, but we certainly have enough inventory for a few auctions next year. In particular, we have a large number of items from various Bad Robot TV shows, Game of Thrones, LOST, Marvel & DC films + shows, Star Wars films, The Walking Dead TV franchise, Westworld, Wynonna Earp and more!

100% of the proceeds from the next big Cancer Gets Lost online charity auction in 2021 will be donated to the Colorectal Cancer Alliance, in honor of two friends that are battling colon cancer right now.

We are aware of and sensitive to the fact that so many have lost their jobs due to the pandemic, or no longer have spare funds to support charities or bid in charity auctions. Know that we deeply appreciate simple retweets and post shares for our auctions – we have found that they can be as effective as bids themselves! And we plan to feature many $1-$5 items in our auctions next year; affordable options for those that would like to participate without breaking the bank.

Thank You!

We are grateful for your many years of support, particularly those that have donated items for our auctions. You are the reason we are able to do what we do, and why CGL is proud to be able to make a small difference in this world for cancer survivors and their families.

Thank you for hanging in there with us, for your giant collective heart and your interest in helping the greater good. You are our people!

Take care, kind humans. We’ll see you on the other side!

Jo Garfein (Co-Founder, CGL)

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