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CGL 2022 Online Charity Auction Wrap-Up!

The Cancer Gets Lost 2022 Online Charity Auction was a massive success, thanks to many very kind humans! We are so grateful to everyone that donated and/or signed items over the last few years, participated in this auction, donated additional money to the cause and retweeted or shared our posts.

Collectively, your kindness resulted in raising $52,000 via CGL – every cent of which is being donated to the Colorectal Cancer Alliance as we speak!


We’d like to give a shout-out of appreciation to the following people, without whom this auction would not have been possible.

Actors, crew members, journalists, PR folks, producers, and writers – all very generous with their time and contributions! Nestor Carbonell, Carlton Cuse, Emilie de Ravin, Meredith Eaton, Michael Emerson, Erin Felentzer, Jorge Garcia, Michael Giacchino, Justine Juel Gillmer, Eric Goldman, Maggie Grace, Javier Grillo-Marxuach, Colton Haynes, Nadia Hilker, Rafe Judkins, Damon Lindelof, Josh McDermitt, Matt Nathanson, Jasika Nicole, Noreen O’Toole, Candice Patton, Jeff Pinkner, Norman Reedus, Mo Ryan, Liz Sagal, Naren Shankar, Kira Snyder and Steven Yeun.

Amazing artists that kindly donated some of their work for this auction! Kira Beaudoin, Dharma Supply Co./Jaime Van Wart, Maryne Lahaye, Sarah M and Zia Franny.

And of course, Friends of CGL! So many lovely people – the generous humans that donated items, stood in long lines at Cons to acquire autographs, etc. Apologies if we’ve missed or misspelled your name – please let us know! Christine D, Melissa E, Frog Photo, Ellen G, Helene, Rick H, Alice L, Huong L, Nicole L, Mireya, Ari M, Jess M, Ken M, Allison N, Tori P, Fong S, Lauren S. Alex T, Carrie W, Dawn Y and Kevin Z.

Special note of thanks to CGL Co-Founder Jared Wong! And Mom Garfein, who flew out from California to Wisconsin to help me package and ship several hundred auction packages! What a rock star she is.

PLANS FOR 2023 – 2024

While CGL does not have any other online charity auctions planned for 2022, we are already working on inventory for our next big auction in 2024. Because that will be the 20-year anniversary of LOST’s debut! And given that the show inspired our existence, and that fandom continues to be tremendously supportive – we plan to honor and commemorate the series with an online charity auction featuring rare and signed LOST items! We will keep you posted once we’ve selected the cancer charity to receive 100% of our auction proceeds in 2024.

Of course you know we will likely host a smaller online auction in 2023. 🙂 Dates and details TBD!

Not to sound like a broken record, but we could not be more thankful for your incredible support of both CGL and the CCA. We hope that you enjoyed your auction experience as much as we did, and that we’ll see you again in 2024!

Make sure to follow us on Twitter for the latest updates, year-round.

Take care, kind humans!

With deep gratitude,


Jo Garfein @jopinionated

Co-Founder, Cancer Gets Lost @CancerGetsLost


CGL 2022 Post-Auction Payment & Shipping Instructions!

Thank you all so much for participating in the Cancer Gets Lost 2022 Online Charity Auction! We are so grateful for your kind support of the Colorectal Cancer Alliance via CGL.


  • CGL will email ALL winning bidders within 3 days of auction close (by Tuesday), with the payment link, instructions and item total(s) + shipping costs. [note: I appreciate your patience, as I alone will be creating hundreds of invoices that require time-consuming measurements, weights and details for shipping costs!]
  • If you win multiple items, they will be combined on one invoice!

IMPORTANT NOTE: If the name on your PayPal account used to pay for your auction item is NOT your real full name (i.e. a nickname or a name of a business), you must let us know! CGL does not have access to our PayPal account, nor are we able to see any addresses you input into your PayPal. Our fiscal sponsor FJC sends us a report of payments to our PayPal account, but requires that they match the REAL FULL NAMES of winning bidders (for tax receipt purposes)!

Invoice, Payment & Deadlines

  • In the email you receive from us, there will be a link to the Cancer Gets Lost PayPal account (the same one linked in the DONATE button on the top right of this site), for winning bidders to complete payment. Please do NOT go directly to the PayPal site or app to make this payment; you must ONLY use the PayPal link on this website in order for the winning bid payments to be made to our fiscal sponsor FJC, for them to process. If you try to make a payment via the PayPal site or app, FJC will never see or process it.
  • PLEASE make sure that you enter the exact amount from your invoice when you make your PayPal payment! This includes your winning bid amount(s) and shipping costs.
  • *AFTER you make your auction item payment, please forward your PayPal email receipt to CGL (CGLauctions at gmail dot com) and include BOTH your billing and shipping addresses in the email, as we are not able to view or access them via PayPal! We need both addresses (if separate), for shipping and tax receipt purposes.
  • You will have 7 DAYS from the day you receive the email from CGL (after the auction ends) to complete payments for all items won in the 2022 Cancer Gets Lost Online Charity Auction to benefit the Colorectal Cancer Alliance!
  • You do not have to have a PayPal account, but we strongly recommend it. PayPal does, however, offer the option to pay via credit card.

When you click on the Donate button on our website to pay for your auction item(s), please note: a new window or tab will open and it will say:

“Donate to FJC – A Foundation of Philanthropic Funds/Cancer Gets Lost.”

That is the correct location to make payment! Our fiscal sponsor FJC oversees the CGL PayPal account exclusively.


  • Because I am handling all of the packaging and shipping of auction items, I appreciate your patience again! All CGL auction packages will be shipped out the first week of May 2022.
  • FJC has to verify and process payments from several hundred winning bidders before we can start shipping out items. In order to avoid fraud, which sadly has been an issue for CGL in the past, we take extra time to confirm absolutely every aspect of each winning bidder’s payment information.
  • Shipping of all auction items will take place AFTER all payments have been received, confirmed and processed by FJC.
  • When possible, we combine shipping when multiple items are purchased by the same buyer. If one item requires a poster tube and another requires a hardcover flat envelope, we will then have to ship two separate packages to that winning bidder.
  • All domestic packages will be shipped via UPS Ground, and include both insurance and tracking.
  • All international packages will be shipped via UPS Worldwide Saver, and include both insurance and tracking.
  • International participants: winning bidders are responsible for ANY/ALL Customs and Import Duties that may apply once your shipment arrives in your country.
  • Your CGL package tracking number will be emailed to you when items are shipped out.
  • In order to save money and also help the environment, CGL will be using repurposed packaging and boxes as much as possible. So your auction package may not be pretty on the outside, but it’s what inside that counts!
  • Each item in the CGL 2022 Online Charity Auction will be accompanied by a CGL COA.

Tax Receipts

If you win an item in the 2022 Cancer Gets Lost Online Charity Auction to benefit the Colorectal Cancer Alliance, you will automatically receive a tax receipt from our fiscal sponsor, FJC (which should arrive 2-3 months after the auction ends).

Colorectal Cancer Alliance

After payments for all items won in the 2022 CGL Online Charity Auction have been received and processed, AND Cancer Gets Lost has completed shipment of all items – we will then donate 100% of ALL auction proceeds to the Colorectal Cancer Alliance. We will share the total amount of money to be donated once that amount has been finalized!


For any questions, please email us (CGLauctions at gmail dot com).


For those of you interested in supporting CGL in addition to or instead of participating in our charity auction, there is always the option to make a tax-deductible contribution to CGL via FJC (our fiscal sponsor)! On the top of the CGL homepage, there is a Donate tab, for your convenience. Financial donations help offset the costs of auction hosting and shipping fees, and we appreciate every cent contributed toward the cause.

If you make a donation to CGL in the month of April (2022), we will make sure to add all of those contributions to the overall donation we will be making to the Colorectal Cancer Alliance!

If you’re interested in donating an item to a future Cancer Gets Lost charity auction, we are always grateful for and open to donations of rare or signed pop culture collectibles! Please contact us via email to discuss at your convenience.


Thank you again for participating in the 2022 Cancer Gets Lost Online Charity Auction to benefit the Colorectal Cancer Alliance! We are honored to be able to donate 100% of our auction proceeds to the CCA, thanks to your collective kindness.

With genuine gratitude,


Jo Garfein, Co-Founder

2022 CGL Online Charity Auction Details!


The Cancer Gets Lost 2022 Online Charity Auction is officially NOW OPEN on our external auction hosting site iCollector! Click HERE to register for and bid in the auction!

The auction will close on April 9 at 2:15pm CT.

*International friends: PLEASE read the shipping update and cost estimates below. CGL has to limit the number of bidders from outside of the U.S. at this time due to very high shipping costs and customs fees, and we ask that you email us in advance (noting what country you’d be bidding from) if you’re still interested in participating. Thank you! Our email is CancerGetsLost at gmail dot com. We are unable to view or access your shipping address on our external auction host site when you register, so that is why we’re asking you to contact us if you have U.S. shipping address but live abroad.

The CGL Online Charity Auction will be open for bidding from April 1 – 9, and you can register for our charity auction* at any time from now until the final hours of the auction!

100% of all proceeds from the 2022 Cancer Gets Lost online charity auction will be donated to the Colorectal Cancer Alliance, in honor of two dear friends currently (and thankfully) recovering from colon cancer.

CGL Charity Auction: NO Buyer’s Premium Fee! 

Most auctions of this magnitude require winning bidders to pay a Buyer’s Premium fee per item, in addition to the winning bid and shipping cost. CGL has decided to cover all Buyers Premium Fees (3% per item), so that you don’t have to! Winning bidders will now only have to pay for items won + shipping. This allows CGL to donate 100% of ALL auction proceeds to the Colorectal Cancer Alliance!

While Cancer Gets Lost is still indeed hosting this big online charity auction, we are very aware of/sensitive to pandemic-related issues and shipping delays around the world (not to mention the increase in fuel prices due to recent events overseas). Of course we want our kind international fans to be able to participate, but shipping is SO expensive right now. And with the current global supply chain issues that are affecting consumer shipments, it will be a calculated risk to ship out our auction items in the next few months.


It will be free, fast and easy to register for the 2022 CGL Online Charity Auction on our auction host site, which you can now do at any time. We appreciate your patience, because we must approve each international bidder individually. This process is necessary but quick; all approvals will occur within hours of registration (except when we are sleeping!).

**IF you have a shipping address outside of the U.S.: your registration status will be set as Pending until we have a chance to discuss shipping costs with you. Please email us after reading all details and cost estimates below, confirming and acknowledging that you are able and willing to cover your shipping & customs costs if you win any items in the CGL online charity auction. And let us know what country you’ll be bidding from! CancerGetsLost at gmail dot com. Thank you!**

IMPORTANT note 1: for all potential CGL auction participants: Please register to bid using an email account that you actually check/use! It has become a challenging issue for us after charity auctions when we are unable to contact a few winning bidders because they never check the email they registered with again!

IMPORTANT note 2When you register for our charity auction on our external host site iCollector, it WILL ask you for a credit card. HOWEVER! It is for security purposes only and CGL will NOT charge anything to your card. This is because auction payment is ONLY possible via the CGL PayPal account (which you can only access via our website). iCollector is owned by Live Auction, which is based in Canada. So this is the message you’ll see when you register:

“By clicking ‘Confirm Your Information’ below, you agree to allow your credit card to be authorized for $1.00 CAD by ‘LIVE AUCTION GROUP PORT COQUITLA BC’ to ensure your card is valid. This amount will be held for 7 to 30 days before being automatically released.”


The cost to ship packages abroad is extraordinarily expensive due to pandemic related issues and global supply chain delays. CGL must insure all packages, as well as include tracking. There are NO cheap options or short cuts for us when it comes to shipping out our rare items all over the world.

We simply cannot ask or expect you, our kind international bidders, to spend an excessive amount of money on shipping – knowing that you must then also pay additional duties/fees in your country upon package arrival.

** So we have made the difficult decision to primarily open our big online charity auction to bidders with U.S. shipping addresses only. **

HOWEVER! If you live in another country and are STILL interested in participating (knowing in advance how expensive the shipping will be) please email us (CancerGetsLost at gmail dot com) with the types of items you’re interested in. We can provide a rough estimate of shipping costs. Please keep in mind that there is no way for us to estimate the cost of your individual country’s customs fees, VAT, etc. on any package we ship.

ALSO! If you live abroad but have friends/family/an office in the U.S. where CGL can ship your auction items if you win any, that would save you SO much money in shipping and customs fees. Please let us know!

Once we’ve reached our capacity for international bidders, we will let you know if you register to bid and are awaiting word from us.

The honest truth about our last big online charity auction is that we had to rush to ship items out in March 2020, right as the world was shutting down. Some countries also shut down shipping during that time, and items got lost in the system (never to be found or delivered).

As you know, almost all of our auction items are either rare or 1-of-a-kind. Some are absolutely irreplaceable. Because of current widespread shipping issues, there is a greater risk right now that a package might get lost or damaged in transit (which is out of our control entirely). If that happens to your auction item, we will have to reimburse you for your donation. Which means that CGL has to subtract that amount from the grand total we’re donating to the cancer charity (100% of our auction proceeds). So you can see why we are being more hesitant and cautious than usual.

In addition, although we insure each package, if something happens to it – the carrier only reimburses us for a tiny portion of its value. If we were to insure auction packages with the actual Final Bidding Prices, there is no way y’all would pay for shipping. Prohibitively expensive is an understatement!

We are still in the process of selecting a global shipping service. It may be that we wind up using several. Just know that we aren’t able to just choose the cheapest, given the value of the items we’re shipping. While USPS offers the most affordable options, they are the most unreliable – particularly for shipments overseas.

But! Unlike most online charity auctions, we do NOT charge our bidders a Buyers’ Premium for any items, so at least that’s one less expense to contemplate as you decide whether or not to participate in our auction.


Here are current shipping cost examples/estimates (NOT including individual country customs fees/duties that each winning bidder is responsible for paying) from three different shipping carriers, all including our mandatory insurance and tracking.

We selected various types of auction items for these examples (based on size, weight, contents).

Poster tube
US to Canada: $50-$100
US to UK: $70-$125

Flat envelope 8.5 x 11
US to Canada: $30-$50
US to UK: $40-$80

Small box
US to Canada: $30-$60
US to UK: $45-$70

Medium box
US to Canada: $55-$85
US to UK: $85-$125

Large box
US to Canada: $70-$100
US to UK: $100-$175

The choice to participate in our online charity auction is entirely yours!* We just felt is was very important to be candid with you about the state of the shipping world and the expenses involved.

Auction Items

Thanks to the ongoing generosity of fans, actors, crews and creative teams from your favorite films and TV shows, CGL is thrilled to have a wide variety of items in this charity auction. Every single item in our charity auctions is either rare or signed, and all are kindly donated!

TV shows featured in this auction will include fan favorites like Breaking Bad, The Dark Crystal, Fear the Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, The Good Place, The Handmaid’s Tale, Killing Eve, The Leftovers, Lucifer, The Mandalorian, One Day at a Time, Orphan Black, Outlander, Parks & Rec, Schitt’s Creek, Sons of Anarchy, The Walking Dead, The Wheel of Time, Wynonna Earp and The X-Files.

Also represented:

Bad Robot: Alcatraz, Alias, Felicity, Fringe, LOST, Person of Interest, Westworld

DC: Arrow, Batwoman, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl

Marvel: Agent Carter, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Cloak and Dagger, Daredevil, The Defenders, Hawkeye, Iron Fist, Jessica Jones, Loki, Luke Cage, The Punisher, Runaways, WandaVision

As for films, we have auction items from a few Harry Potter, Star Trek and Star Wars movies, as well as Batman v Superman and several Marvel movies: Ant-Man, Avengers Endgame, Black Panther, Black Widow, Captain America, Captain Marvel, Eternals and Thor Ragnarok.

CGL Charity Auction Transparency: Fiscal Sponsor  

Full disclosure: we fund Cancer Gets Lost ourselves, with our own money. Neither CGL Co-Founder Jared Wong nor I earn any money raised in any of our charity auctions (nor do we plan to). CGL is a labor of love that we work on in our spare time!

CGL is a 501c(3)-sponsored organization. Our fiscal sponsor FJC, A Foundation of Philanthropic Funds (a 501c(3) public charity that provides management of charitable giving), oversees all of the financials for Cancer Gets Lost – including our PayPal account. FJC has earned a top 4-star rating on Charity Navigator!

If you win an item in the 2022 Cancer Gets Lost Online Charity Auction for a winning bid amount higher than the starting price of the item, you will receive a tax receipt from FJC (which should arrive 2-3 months after the auction ends).

Stay Tuned!

Please follow CGL on Twitter for more frequent updates and auction item previews (@CancerGetsLost)!

Thank you so much for your support of our charitable endeavors. We exist because of your collective kindness, and are genuinely grateful for that.

– Jo G. (CGL Co-Founder)


Cancer Gets Lost: 2021 Online Charity Auction Plans

Hello, friends. 2020 was quite a year, and we are sending out virtual hugs to all of you! We hope that you’re able to stay safe and warm during this very challenging time.

2020: Through the Looking Glass

Thanks to your generosity last year, we were able to successfully raise an impressive amount of money for two cancer charities and food banks around the world. Thank you again for your very kind support of myriad essential causes, especially during the pandemic!

2020 LOST Online Charity Auction (February)

$22,000 donated to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society [every cent raised]

2020 Online Charity Auction to benefit ALSF (May)

$4,260 donated to Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation’s Emergency COVID-19 Fund for childhood cancer families [every cent raised]

2020 LOST 10 Year Finale Anniversary Fundraiser (May)

$1,365 donated by fans directly to ALSF’s Emergency COVID-19 Fund

$947 donated by fans directly to various food banks all over the world

$815 donated by fans directly to The Actor’s Fund

$582 donated by fans directly to the LA Food Bank

** To those still awaiting a LOST keychain from our May 2020 fundraiser, we appreciate your ongoing patience. It costs us $20-$35 to send just one keychain abroad, that expense is out of pocket AND we aren’t able to ship internationally from home. To be frank, it is also currently not safe where we live to go out and spend any time inside shipping stores due to the pandemic and those not obeying mandatory mask laws. So we are putting a hold on shipping keychains out for now, and are grateful for your understanding. 

2021: The Shape of Things to Come

We’ve been closely monitoring global events and shipping logistics, and are confident that it will be easier/safer to ship out charity auction packages again in a few months. As you know, the world seems to shift daily, so we remain optimistic but also flexible with regard to auction dates, etc.

As of right now, we are aiming to host our first online charity auction of 2021 in early Spring. No dates set yet, but we certainly have enough inventory for a few auctions next year. In particular, we have a large number of items from various Bad Robot TV shows, Game of Thrones, LOST, Marvel & DC films + shows, Star Wars films, The Walking Dead TV franchise, Westworld, Wynonna Earp and more!

100% of the proceeds from the next big Cancer Gets Lost online charity auction will be donated to the Colorectal Cancer Alliance, in honor of two friends that are battling colon cancer right now.

We are aware of and sensitive to the fact that so many have lost their jobs due to the pandemic, or no longer have spare funds to support charities or bid in charity auctions. Know that we deeply appreciate simple retweets and post shares for our auctions – we have found that they can be as effective as bids themselves! And we plan to feature many $1-$5 items in our auctions next year; affordable options for those that would like to participate without breaking the bank.

Thank You!

We are grateful for your many years of support, particularly those that have donated items for our auctions. You are the reason we are able to do what we do, and why CGL is proud to be able to make a small difference in this world for cancer survivors and their families.

Thank you for hanging in there with us, for your giant collective heart and your interest in helping the greater good. You are our people!

Take care, kind humans. We’ll see you on the other side!

Jo Garfein (Co-Founder, CGL)