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So I Guess We’re In The Book Club

This past weekend, we were fortunate enough to have attended a fundraiser for the Kitsap Regional Library Foundation, which featured none other than Elizabeth Mitchell (a.k.a. Dr. Juliet Burke), who was just amazingly supportive of Cancer Gets LOST!

It was an evening of good food, awesome wine, and even awesomer company, followed by a pretty lengthy dialogue with Ms Mitchell, moderated by my wonderful partner-in-crime Jo Garfein (a.k.a. JOpinionated). We’ll be making another detailed post very soon about that evening (along with sneak peeks at some cool stuff that she signed for our auction), but in the meantime, we’re pleased as punch to be able to share with you some footage from that dialogue on our brand new YouTube channel!

We’d like to thank everyone at KRLF, and especially Mr. Peter Raffa, for this incredible opportunity!



P/S. All 5 videos should play back-to-back (Total running time is 50:51). The first couple of videos are a bit blurry because it didn’t occur to me to FOCUS – d’oh! Also, please pardon the frog choir in the last couple of videos. We didn’t invite them.

Synopses of each video:

Part 1: Elizabeth talks about her love for reading, her favorite roles to play, and her work as Dr. Juliet Burke on LOST.

Part 2: Elizabeth talks about working on V, moving to Washington, her upcoming Lifetime movie with Rob Lowe about the Casey Anthony story, and social media (she’s neither on Facebook nor Twitter).

Part 3: Elizabeth talks about filming the final scene in the church on LOST (which happened to fall on her birthday) and her love for theater.

Part 4: Elizabeth answers questions about the direction that V would have gone in if it hadn’t been canceled, whether or not Juliet was pregnant when she died (and more about LOST), who her favorite authors/genres are, and her son’s penchant for performing.

Part 5: Elizabeth answers questions about how she met her husband (actor/acting coach Chris Soldevilla, who coaches Jared Gilmore from Once Upon A Time), auditioning, people she’s worked with, her dream roles, if she’s been asked to be on Fringe or Game of Thrones, her tastes in music, and Josh Holloway’s real-life nickname for her.