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Leukemia Fundraiser with Eliza Taylor

*UPDATE: Thanks to the very kind fans that bid on and won items in the Auction for Isla, we were able to donate $5,095 (every cent raised in the auction) to Isla’s family fundraiser, to help cover her leukemia care expenses. THANK YOU all so much!

Isla (photo courtesy of Eliza)

Hello and welcome to Cancer Gets LOST. Here is a link to the auction I am working on with Eliza for her family friend in Thailand – Auction for Isla. In addition, if you’d like make a donation directly to Isla’s family to help cover the cost of her treatment for leukemia – click HERE for their family fundraising page!

Thank you for your patience, interest and amazing support! Please follow @MisElizaJane @TaoPrimary (the non-profit school Eliza runs in Thailand) & @jopinionated on Twitter for updates.

* To clarify, this fundraising auction is being hosted by me personally, and not CGL. There are logistics involved, but long story short…it is because 100% of the proceeds from this auction are being donated to an individual family rather than to a cancer charity. Eliza and I guarantee that every cent raised in this auction will be donated to Isla’s family fund, and we will share the receipt once the auction ends and all winning bidders have paid for their items.

Thank you in advance for helping us to raise money for little Isla’s leukemia treatments. It means the world to all involved.

– Jo Garfein (Co-Founder/Executive Director, Cancer Gets LOST)

8.15.16 CGL Charity Auction: Thank You in Advance!

On the eve of our 2016 Cancer Gets LOST Charity Auction launch, a message of gratitude from CGL Co-Founder and Executive Director Jo Garfein.

Tomorrow, on 8.15.16 at 10am PT, look for the link to the CGL auction here, on our social networks and on Blacksparrow Inc.! Registration for the auction is open, and will remain open throughout the auction.

Thank you to every single person that contributed items, time, money, autographs and support over the last two years; you’re fueling this incredible journey as we channel fandoms toward the greater good, together.

– Jo

Numbers: 2014 CGL to ACS Donation Estimates!

While we would love to be able to share an exact grand total of money raised by Cancer Gets LOST for the American Cancer Society from our 2014 auctions, we will not have the final amount until all invoices from our online charity auction are paid in full to Blacksparrow Auctions. Hint, hint!

LOST sheet music custom framed, signed & donated by Michael Giacchino for the CGL charity auction; it sold for $650, which goes to the ACS!

In the meantime, the estimated numbers we can share are mind blowing, humbling, exhilarating and heartwarming. Our math was a bit high on both the initial online auction estimate and silent auction donation amount from LOST 2014 in Hawaii, but we aren’t complaining at all – these numbers are incredible!

Silent charity auction at LOST 2014: $10,372.19
Online charity auction (100% of CGL items + consignment percentages): $64,355.38
Squirrel Baby signs (commissioned/donated by Bonnie Craft): $315
Online donations to the ACS via CGL (that we know about!): $1,350


We want to thank every single one of you who bid on or won any items in our silent and online auctions – we are incredibly thankful for your amazing support! In addition – we are SO grateful for all of your fantastic contributions, from items in the auctions to financial donations to the American Cancer Society.

CGL silent auction at LOST 2014 (photo courtesy of Carrie W.)


In Hawaii at LOST 2014 last week during the LOST 10 year anniversary party on September 22, we were so surprised and thrilled to raise over $10,000 for the ACS at our silent charity auction! We reached that amount because many attendees kindly made additional contributions to their donation amounts after winning their items. It was a stellar success and we are stunned by and appreciative of that level of generosity.

Bonnie Craft’s commissioned Squirrel Baby on Board LOST car signs at the CGL silent auction @ LOST 2014 (photo courtesy of Carrie W.)


As many of you are aware, our dear friend Bonnie Craft passed away last week. A few months ago she had custom LOST Squirrel Baby on Board car signs made for CGL, which we offered at LOST 2014 for $5 text donations to the ACS. With the remaining signs, we will be sending one to anyone who makes a donation to the ACS in Bonnie’s memory. The details are in our previous post.


A special note of gratitude to our auction host Blacksparrow Auctions. Erica and Fong are great friends and partners; their extremely long hours, dedication to the cause and overall organization made this auction possible. To give you an idea about what kind of people they are, Blacksparrow paid for the auction items that Bonnie had bid on and won before she passed away – and they are shipping the items to her family. It is a gesture that we are in awe of and appreciate to no end.


We are unable to express precisely how much these fundraising endeavors mean to us, but please know that we are honored to be able to raise funds for an organization like the ACS. For our families, for the Jensen family and for all of your families.

There are so many kind people to thank for countless favors, donations, autographs, etc. that we created an entire tab on our site dedicated to them, along with their Twitter handles or websites – we encourage you to follow/support these lovely human beings!


  • If you’re in the Los Angeles area, we highly recommend that you get tickets to see LOST The Musical! The play runs now through October 26, and they are graciously donating 5% of their ticket proceeds to CGL!
  • And…LOST 2014 will also be donating 5% of ticket sales to CGL soon! Namaste, Kelley!

Thank you all everybody, for every cent you donated to the ACS and for your support of this 2-person grassroots charity that we are proud to call Cancer Gets LOST.


Jo & Jared


In Loving Memory of Bonnie Craft (March 12, 1959 – September 25, 2014)

Bonnie with CGL co-founder Jared at The Barracks, SDCC 2011

Five days ago, we delivered the sad news about the sudden passing of Bonnie Craft, our great friend, a huge CGL supporter, and probably one of the biggest LOST fans to have ever graced this planet. The outpouring of condolences from everyone who knew her has been overwhelming, especially to her family. Many people have asked how they can contribute to Bonnie’s funeral expenses, and if they could send flowers or gifts of respect and tribute.

We have spoken with her family, and they have decided to continue Bonnie’s incredible legacy by doing what she did best: taking care of other people. As such, in lieu of donations, flowers, or gifts to the family, they have requested that donations be made instead to the American Cancer Society.

If you do make a donation to the ACS in any amount, in Bonnie’s memory, please email us a copy of your receipt (cancergetslost at gmail dot com), because we’d love to send you one of her custom LOST Squirrel Baby on Board car signs (we will ship them anywhere around the world). Bonnie had commissioned a squirrel baby sketch after seeing a version of one in a magazine article featuring Damon and Carlton’s LOST writing room. She then had car signs made of this sketch specifically for CGL fundraising endeavors, and many attendees at the LOST 2014 silent charity auction last week picked one up for $5 donations each to the ACS!

Bonnie’s custom LOST Squirrel Baby on Board car sign

If you would like to share a memory of her with her family, her good friend Caleb Woods is leading an effort to do just that. Please check out his message if you would like to contribute.

Even though she has left us, we continued to feel Bonnie’s support during our Cancer Gets LOST charity auction: the items that she donated helped us raise an astounding $3,531 for the American Cancer Society. In the weeks before she passed, she had even placed bids on the very items that she had donated herself (classic Bonnie)!

The messages of condolences and tributes from people all over the world reflected the sheer number of lives that she had touched, and the common theme among all these messages – even from people she had only met online was that Bonnie’s heart was boundless. It is thus our honor and indeed privilege to continue Bonnie’s passion for philanthropy, and we hope that you will join us in doing so.

Namaste, Bonnie. We will see you in another life, sister. – Jared & Jo

Bonnie, age 4 (1963)
Bonnie in her late teens
Bonnie with Henry Ian Cusick & Nestor Carbonell. She flew from Memphis to Los Angeles just to catch Ian’s premiere of Frank vs. God. Her family said that this was one of the biggest highlights of her life. This picture was actually taken on the insistence of Nestor, who was particularly impressed by Bonnie’s dedication.
Bonnie with her “I’m on Oceanic 815!” face, taken at the LOST exhibit at the Paley Center for Media.
Bonnie with fellow LOSTies at a meet-up following the PaleyFest 2014 LOST 10-year Anniversary Reunion panel in Los Angeles


Saying Goodbye to the Best LOST Fan Ever

It is with incredible sadness that we are letting the LOST community know that Bonnie Craft passed away this morning.  As most of you are aware, Bonnie was quite possibly the world’s most dedicated LOST fan and this community was her family. Known as @andalone on Twitter, Bonnie kept an amazingly detailed site about the treasure trove of LOST items she collected over the years (  She was a major contributor and good friend to Cancer Gets LOST; Bonnie donated many items to our charity auctions and volunteered to assist us at every opportunity. Bonnie and her passionate enthusiasm will be missed, and we know that the entire LOST community shares our grief for this tremendous loss.

Bonnie was in Hawaii at the time of her passing. But we ask that you please do not inquire about the details, and respect her family’s privacy at this time.  As soon as we know more and are allowed to share, including memorial and/or donation information, we will let you know.

Jared & Jo

Par Avion

We are very pleased to announce that the National Brain Tumor Society (NBTS) is almost done processing all your winning bids as donations, and we are now Moving On to the shipping phase of the process!

First, please note that every winning bidder will be receiving a receipt from the NBTS directly. They will be sending them out over the course of the next 2 weeks.

Second, as we have stated in the FAQ, we are only a two-person operation with regular full-time jobs, so we really appreciate your patience and understanding while we ship over 200 items to different people all over the world! We will be shipping the smaller items out first, and move towards the bigger items – posters/prints/paintings, furniture, etc. We estimate that delivery should take approximately 1-2 weeks for US domestic, and 3-4 weeks for international.

Thanks again for your support of Cancer Gets LOST. We are excited for everyone to receive their items!

Beware: CGL Impostors

The sad reality of running a charity is that there are bound to be impostors that falsely claim to be associated with fundraising efforts, for their personal gain. We have our very first fraud alert.

Cancer Gets LOST was created by and is being produced by only 2 people: Jared Wong and Jo Garfein. There are NO volunteers out there soliciting cash on our behalf for the National Brain Tumor Society, nor will there ever be. Unfortunately, the NBTS received a call about someone claiming to be working with us, asking for money on the street. THIS is an impostor. Please let us know if you see this person, and where.

Our organization is raising money for the NBTS in 3 specific ways: via the online auction (each winning bid will be processed individually by the NBTS as a tax-deductible donation), online donations to be made directly to the NBTS during our live streaming charity webcast on 8/25, and cash donations at the door for admission to our fundraising party on 8/25.

Thank you!

– Jared and Jo

Follow the Leader: In Memory of Jackie

As many of you know, we selected National Brain Tumor Society to be the charity to receive 100% of the proceeds from the official Cancer Gets LOST auction, webcast and party. We chose the NBTS because of my very good friend Jackie, who passed away on August 3, 2012 after bravely battling brain tumors and cancer for four years.

We are more motivated than ever to honor Jackie’s memory by raising money for her charity of choice, and the generosity of everyone who has donated items is inspiring and overwhelming. This morning alone, en route to Jackie’s memorial service, I received an email that made me cry for two reasons: the sender of said email, and the potential value of the item being donated – because every cent of the winning bid (and every winning bid) goes directly to the NBTS. [Our charity auction, featuring rare and autographed TV/film memorabilia, opens tomorrow for bidding, and runs through August 29.]


For those of you who are interested in making contributions to the NBTS rather than (or in addition to) bidding on items in the auction, we kindly request that you do so on Saturday, August 25 during our live charity webcast. From noon-4pm PST, we will be interviewing LOST alum (producers/writers and actors), and the live stream will be open and online for all of you to watch!  If you make a donation directly to the NBTS during that time, note that it is for Cancer Gets LOST or Jackie O, and email your receipt to us – we will send you a little something in return. We appreciate your consideration in advance, as your contributions will go toward our overall fundraising total!

OPTIONS for donations:

National Brain Tumor Society

Jackie’s NBTS Memorial Campaign

Email receipts to: receipts[at]cancergetslost[dot]org

* Side note: I had the honor of speaking at Jackie’s service, and below is an excerpt that I felt was appropriate to share – to give further insight into the wonderful human being that inspired the creation of Cancer Gets LOST.

The great Jonathan Bon Jovi once said, “I just want to live while I’m alive.” No one exemplified that statement more than Jackie. After being diagnosed, she continued to work, without question or complaint. She also kayaked the rapids, traveled the world and partied like it was 1999. Forget Bon Jovi…JACKIE was a rock star.

When Jackie was in the office, great laughter flooded the hallways. She was magnetic; we were all drawn to this tall beauty with the magnificent eyes and smile. Jackie was effervescent, a major source of positive energy and surge of enthusiasm that affected and motivated us all. From girls’ weekends to company offsites, Jackie was the life of the party. She was the first on the dance floor, and if there wasn’t one – she’d create it.

One thing is clear: Jackie Oswold was LOVED, and knew how to love. Her joy, doled out to anyone within range, was in unlimited supply. I just wanted a bottle of her essence, of what she had to offer, both personally and professionally.

Jackie was an amazing woman; she wore her heart and determination proudly on her sleeve. She never curled up and quit. She fought with every ounce of her spirit and soul. Jackie was a warrior…a very sweet, very kind and very funny warrior who now sports a set of Cardinal and Gold USC-branded wings.

She has affected my life in a profound way, and made more of an impact in 33 years than most will in a lifetime. The brightest eyes in the sky belong to Jackie. They will continue to illuminate awareness and effect change from above. And we will all fondly remember and honor Jackie with love and humor. Just as she wanted.


You are a Candidate…For Our Video

*Update: because of awesome photos being submitted like the one above (Joey S with Joss Whedon!), we are extending the deadline and accepting photos for this video compilation until 8/5!

As we prepare for our live charity webcast on Saturday, August 25, we are putting together several videos to play during brief breaks. And we’d like to recruit YOU for a very special compilation video, because you are our best Candidates.

If you are interested in participating, simply email a photo of yourself holding a hand-written or printed sign with any variation of the below. You do NOT have to be a LOST fan to submit a photo – all are welcome!

  • I’m helping Cancer Get LOST for … (insert name of loved one/friend who has or had cancer)
  • Cancer sucks. Let’s help Cancer Get LOST!

Be creative with your message – all we ask is that you include the words “Cancer Gets LOST.”  The photo does not have to be staged or complicated – take it as/where you are, or include LOST-related clothing or props, etc. Please keep in mind that, given the subject matter and goal of this charity (to raise money for the National Brain Tumor Society), we are aiming to create a serious and touching video.

* Please email photos by 8/5/12 to: jo [at] jopinionated [dot] com

Thank you in advance for your interest! This video will air during the live webcast on 8/25/12.

– Jo

BONUS: If you submit a photo for our video, we will send you a lovely Save the Date magnet. Please include your address when you email the photo – thank you!