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Dharma Pinot Noir, Cabernet & Chardonnay

*THIS IS ON HOLD, for now. We apologize, but we have to temporarily suspend our keychain offer until we can figure out a better solution for shipping. Originally, we offered free shipping worldwide; however, the cost of packaging and shipping keychains around the globe was far more expensive than we estimated.

In the interest of total transparency, it would have cost CGL 1/3 of the money donated thus far just to package and ship one round of keychains to the many kind contributors all over the world. So I paid for all of it out of pocket; I’d much rather CGL save that money for our 2018 charitable endeavors. FYI: legally, CGL is not able to ask you to pay for the shipping of keychains, as they are free promotional giveaways. Thus, a legal and improved upon process is in the works, likely to re-launch in early 2018. – Jo

**For those that have made donations to CGL thus far, THANK YOU! All keychains have shipped to those that participated in this first round of the giveaway. If anyone is still interested in making donations in any amount to Cancer Gets LOST, of course you’re welcome to! Alas, we are not going to be sending out any more keychains until further notice. Please stay tuned!

Hello friends! While it is not our style to ask for donations to Cancer Gets LOST directly, we thought we’d let you know about a very cool item that we’re giving away to those that do contribute $10 or more to CGL.

Huge thanks to Martin Evans for creating and donating 8 different styles of custom LOST keychains, which we are thrilled to now be able to give away to kind friends of CGL that contribute to our ongoing charitable endeavors!


If at any time you would like to make a donation to CGL, you will find the DONATE button at the top of our home page. Then when you click on the Donate button on that page and the Paypal page opens, you will see the name of our fiscal sponsor, FJC: A Foundation of Philanthropic Funds (they run our Paypal account). If you have a Paypal account, you will see the log-in on that page. If you do not have a Paypal account, you can still make a donation to CGL using your credit card via Paypal!

  • Minimum $10 donation = 1 keychain. $20 donation = 2 keychains, etc. You’re welcome to donate more for each, of course. 🙂
  • No limit to number of keychains/styles per person.
  • These keychains are NOT for sale; they are to be used in this giveaway only.
Fish Biscuit and Apollo Bar


Please forward your email receipt to us (cancergetslost at gmail dot com), and note your shipping address plus keychain preferences (number of keychains, and styles). It will be first come, first served in terms of keychains available. Our giveaway will remain open until supplies run out, and we will let you know when that is about to happen. As always, we encourage that you follow CGL on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for more frequent updates and auction item previews!


Every custom LOST keychain is packaged in plastic, with a Dharma ribbon atop each and a CGL sticker on the back.

  • Apollo Bar
  • Dharma Beer (small pen lives in bottom of beer can; twist to remove & use!)
  • Dharma Milk Chocolate Bar
  • Dharma Potato Crisps
  • Dharma Wine (3 choices: Cabernet, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir)
  • Fish Biscuit
  • MacCutcheon Whisky
  • Moriah Vineyards Wine
Moriah Vineyards wine, MacCutcheon Whisky


All keychain shipments will begin on December 1, via regular mail. However, we are not able to guarantee delivery of keychains before December 25, 2017! CGL is paying for the packaging and shipment of all keychains, so we do appreciate your patience in advance. And yes, we will ship internationally!


We are grateful for any contribution you make to Cancer Gets LOST, as it helps to cover our operating expenses and allows us to continue hosting the best possible charity auctions that we can!

As always, if you’re interested in donating a potential auction item to CGL, please let us know via email, Twitter or FB! We are open to memorabilia from popular movies and television shows, and the item donation cut-off for our next online auction will be March 1, 2018. The official launch date for our huge 2018 online charity auction, featuring 500 items from 50+ shows and 15+ films is August 1, 2018!

With genuine appreciation for your support of CGL,

Jo Garfein (Co-Founder, Executive Director)

Dharma beer, potato crisps & chocolate bar

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