Leukemia Fundraiser with Eliza Taylor

*UPDATE: Thanks to the very kind fans that bid on and won items in the Auction for Isla, we were able to donate $5,095 (every cent raised in the auction) to Isla’s family fundraiser, to help cover her leukemia care expenses. THANK YOU all so much!

Isla (photo courtesy of Eliza)

Hello and welcome to Cancer Gets LOST. Here is a link to the auction I am working on with Eliza for her family friend in Thailand – Auction for Isla. In addition, if you’d like make a donation directly to Isla’s family to help cover the cost of her treatment for leukemia – click HERE for their family fundraising page!

Thank you for your patience, interest and amazing support! Please follow @MisElizaJane @TaoPrimary (the non-profit school Eliza runs in Thailand) & @jopinionated on Twitter for updates.

* To clarify, this fundraising auction is being hosted by me personally, and not CGL. There are logistics involved, but long story short…it is because 100% of the proceeds from this auction are being donated to an individual family rather than to a cancer charity. Eliza and I guarantee that every cent raised in this auction will be donated to Isla’s family fund, and we will share the receipt once the auction ends and all winning bidders have paid for their items.

Thank you in advance for helping us to raise money for little Isla’s leukemia treatments. It means the world to all involved.

– Jo Garfein (Co-Founder/Executive Director, Cancer Gets LOST)

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