The 2019 CGL Conageddon2 Online Charity Auction!

UPDATE: The CGL Conageddon2 Charity Auction is now closed, and we will announce the grand total to be donated to CURE Childhood Cancer in mid-April! Thank you again to all that participated and kindly donated to the cause!


CGL is proud to partner again with our friends at Conageddon to present the 2019 Cancer Gets Lost Conageddon2 Charity Auction, online & open from March 12 – 20 for fans around the world! Featuring all The 100 items, many kindly signed by the cast, every cent raised in this auction will be donated to the children’s cancer charity CURE Childhood Cancer. #BidForTheKids!

The CGL online auction is now open for you to start registering and bidding, and will remain open until 8:15am on March 20! Please click HERE to create an account on our external hosting site 32Auctions, and/or to log in and start bidding on auction items! Pre and post auction instructions are below. There are 56 items in the auction total; make sure you scroll down and click the arrow to page 2, to view all!


  • If you’d like to participate in the CGL Conageddon2 Charity Auction, you need to please register on our auction hosting site, 32Auctions. It is FREE, fast and easy to create a new account and be eligible to bid in the CGL auction. Click on our auction link above, and then click on the green View All Items button on the left side. In the yellow bar that appears atop the page, you will then have the option to create an account or log in if you already have one.
  • To prevent potentially fraudulent activity, CGL approves each registration individually – and we are doing so quickly. Once you register, you’ll get a response back within 6-12 hours (but usually much faster)!
  • You will need a PayPal account if you plan to bid on and hopefully win items in our auction. But you will also have the option of paying for items with a credit card via PayPal.

** Disclaimer: PLEASE NOTE THAT ALL ITEMS IN THE 2019 CANCER GETS LOST CONAGEDDON2 CHARITY AUCTION ARE SOLD IN “AS IS” CONDITION, WITHOUT ANY WARRANTIES, EITHER EXPRESS OR IMPLIED. There are NO refunds! ALL sales are final & non-refundable, because every cent raised in the CGL Conageddon2 Charity Auction will be donated to CURE Childhood Cancer, a children’s cancer charity. To avoid fraudulent activity, we kindly ask that you please only bid on items in this auction if you’re willing and able to pay for them. Thank you! **



If you win an item in our auction, you will need to return here to the CGL site in order to make your auction payment! There is NOT an option to pay via the 32Auctions hosting site.

On our website, please click on the “Donate” button at the top of the page or the yellow Donate button on the right side of the page! A new window will open:

Donate to
FJC – A Foundation of Philanthropic Funds
Purpose: Cancer Gets LOST
$0.00 USD

In the $0.00 USD or Other Amount box, it is your responsibility to input the EXACT amount owed for your total auction item win(s)! And then click Donate with PayPal if you already have an account, or Donate with a Debit or Credit Card if you do not have a PayPal account.

After you have paid for your items, you’ll receive a PayPal receipt via email.

**PLEASE forward your PayPal email receipt to CGLauctions at gmail dot com! AND please let us know if the name on your PayPal account differs from your real name; if it is a business, nickname or other name – we MUST have your real name and billing address in order for FJC to send your tax receipt.**

You will have 7 DAYS to complete payment for any items won in the 2019 Cancer Gets Lost Conageddon2 Charity Auction!

[Cancer Gets LOST has non-profit, tax-exempt status thanks to a fiscal sponsorship by FJC: A Foundation of Philanthropic Funds. You’ll see their name on our PayPal account; they control and manage it for us. Anyone that makes an auction item payment/donation will receive a tax receipt from FJC.]


Once CGL has received PayPal receipts from all winning bidders and our fiscal sponsor FJC has confirmed that ALL payments have been verified (and none are fraudulent), CGL will start to ship out auction items. Please allow us 3-4 weeks for this process, and thank you in advance for your patience!

  • All domestic packages will be shipped via USPS, and include both insurance and tracking when available. We will choose the best option for you at the most reasonable cost. Shipping notifications with tracking info will be emailed to winning bidders.
  • All international packages will be shipped via USPS International First Class or USPS International Priority Mail.
  • PLEASE NOTE: The winning bidder is responsible for ANY/ALL Customs and Import Duties that may apply once the CGL auction shipment arrives in your country. Please check your own country fees/duties before placing bids, and decide for yourself if you are willing and able to cover the additional fees/duties!

Each individual Cancer Gets Lost charity auction item will be accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity.

The 2019 Cancer Gets Lost Conageddon2 Charity Auction is dedicated to the memory of sweet Isla, Eliza Taylor’s young friend that recently lost her battle with cancer. We are grateful for your support of this auction, which honors her memory by supporting other children and their families that are facing this disease.

I had the opportunity to host a fundraising auction with Eliza for Isla and her family a few years ago, and as a kindness to honor Isla’s legacy – I am personally covering the cost of packaging and shipping for ALL auction items (U.S. and international) in this auction.

But to reiterate: the winning bidder IS responsible for ANY/ALL Customs and Import Duties that may apply once the auction shipment arrives in your country. 

If you win more than one item, they will be shipped together, unless one requires a poster tube or Pop box. Flat art and photos will be shipped separately.


After ALL payments for items won in the 2019 Cancer Gets Lost Conageddon2 Charity Auction have been received, confirmed and processed by FJC, AND Cancer Gets Lost has completed shipment of all items – we will then donate 100% of the auction proceeds to CURE Childhood Cancer; every cent raised! We will share the total amount of money raised and donated, once that number has been finalized.

Thank you so much for your support of CGL and CURE Childhood Cancer! We are so appreciative for your generosity and kindness.

Jo Garfein

Co-Founder & Executive Director, Cancer Gets Lost