The Transmission: A Message from Damon Lindelof

To be very honest, when we received this video, our first reaction was: WOW. Our second reaction was: THANK YOU! We are absolutely honored to have Damon’s support, and are extremely grateful that he created this video for our cause, given what is currently on his plate:

  • Promoting Prometheus (a film he co-wrote that will be in wide release starting tonight!)
  • Releasing a new comic book that he wrote (you can purchase a digital copy of “Legends of the Dark Knight: The Butler Did It” here)
  • Producing the untitled Star Trek sequel (which he also co-wrote)
  • Co-writing a new film (1952) with Entertainment Weekly’s Jeff Jensen

The fact is that Damon created and wrote the show that spawned the community that inspired this charity; we realize the magnitude of his video contribution, and how it will affect our fundraising efforts for the National Brain Tumor Society. Thus, we really appreciate and want to thank both Damon Lindelof and his amazing assistant Josie, for coordinating efforts in support of Cancer Gets LOST!

And in case you missed our recent announcement, here are details about the official Cancer Gets LOST charity auction and live webcast, with an introduction from another familiar friendly LOST face!

– Jo & Jared


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4 Responses to The Transmission: A Message from Damon Lindelof

  1. Ben Murphy says:

    Huge honor. Now let’s beat the crap outta cancer.

  2. Susan Terral says:

    That is wonderful!! I’m so excited that he did that for the cause! Congrats to for getting this. I’ll be sure to share it with everyone to continue spreading the word.

  3. Karen says:

    This is VERY awesome of Damon! WoooHooo!
    And yes… CANCER SUCKS!

  4. Evonne says:

    So perfect how it clocks in at exactly 23 seconds… of course.
    Looking forward to the auction preview tomorrow!

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