The Whole Truth: Charity Auction Details

First of all, a huge note of gratitude to everyone who placed bids on any items in our charity auction! We so appreciate your interest and support, especially because 100% of the proceeds from every single winning bid go directly to the National Brain Tumor Society.

To say that the auction has FAR exceeded our expectations is an understatement. We conservatively aimed and hoped to raise $15,000 for the NBTS, total (proceeds from auction, webcast and fundraising event combined).

We feel that because you all have been so generous toward our efforts, you deserve the whole truth about how this works behind the scenes. We had a VERY small budget for all 3 tiers of our Cancer Gets LOST efforts (auction, webcast & fundraising event), most of which was saved for shipping auction items and to pay the performance fees to the site hosting our auction. Because of the amazingly high volume of bids and the auction totals, we are now in the red and all of our earmarked funds are completely dedicated to paying the performance fees to the auction site. We are NOT complaining – we are thrilled to be able to raise so much money for the NBTS, because it honors the memory of Jo’s dear friend Jackie.

Long story short: we are paying for the shipping of all 280 items out of our own pockets (except for the larger, heavier items such as the furniture) – which we are happy to do, so that 100% of your donations via the auction go directly to the NBTS! We decided to let you know so that you understand why it will take 6-8 weeks for us to package and ship out so many items to winning bidders all over the world. In addition to the fact that the NBTS has to process each of your winning bids individually as tax-deductable donations, we both have full-time jobs. Thus, packing and shipping items will take place during lunch breaks, after work and on weekends. We really appreciate your patience in advance!

This is NOT us asking for sympathy or for you to offer to pay for shipping. This is us being as transparent as possible, so that you understand why your items will take time to prepare and arrive.

For specific shipping and payment questions, please read the CGL Auction FAQ!

Namaste, and thank you so much for your tremendous generosity –

Jared & Jo


  1. Karen Mauro says:

    “It takes as long as it takes.” – Hurley
    Take as long as you need. You both have given so much of your time, your money and yourselves… all for the greater good- the cause (NBTS). And that is all that matters!

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