You are a Candidate…For Our Video

*Update: because of awesome photos being submitted like the one above (Joey S with Joss Whedon!), we are extending the deadline and accepting photos for this video compilation until 8/5!

As we prepare for our live charity webcast on Saturday, August 25, we are putting together several videos to play during brief breaks. And we’d like to recruit YOU for a very special compilation video, because you are our best Candidates.

If you are interested in participating, simply email a photo of yourself holding a hand-written or printed sign with any variation of the below. You do NOT have to be a LOST fan to submit a photo – all are welcome!

  • I’m helping Cancer Get LOST for … (insert name of loved one/friend who has or had cancer)
  • Cancer sucks. Let’s help Cancer Get LOST!

Be creative with your message – all we ask is that you include the words “Cancer Gets LOST.”  The photo does not have to be staged or complicated – take it as/where you are, or include LOST-related clothing or props, etc. Please keep in mind that, given the subject matter and goal of this charity (to raise money for the National Brain Tumor Society), we are aiming to create a serious and touching video.

* Please email photos by 8/5/12 to: jo [at] jopinionated [dot] com

Thank you in advance for your interest! This video will air during the live webcast on 8/25/12.

– Jo

BONUS: If you submit a photo for our video, we will send you a lovely Save the Date magnet. Please include your address when you email the photo – thank you!


  1. Karen says:

    How do we submit a photo? Is there an email address we can send to? This is a wonderful idea and wish you huge success with it.

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